The Community

Turbine Flats plays host to multiple companies and freelancers. But it's more than just office space.

The facility features a 1,500 SF mural about Nikola Tesla, a gym, coffee shop, training classroom, event space, industrial space, and 80 individual offices and collaborative spaces. The project was designed to foster the entrepreneurial community and continues to do so through monthly First Friday gatherings to highlight local entrepreneurs and artists. This includes events such as the Make Lincoln Maker Fair, an annual crawfish boil, activities supporting music and the arts, and a host of other social and networking events.

“We built The Flats as a home base for us to play our part in developing Lincoln’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.” says founder Matthew Wegener. “We welcome startups and freelancers as well as more mature companies. We’re more than just office space, we’re a community, we’re a movement.”

Reactor Coffee

Take a break from the humdrum of your office and treat yourself to a great cup of coffee or espresso.

Hungry? Waffles, paninis, and soup are also available at Reactor.

Resonator Gallery

By giving opportunities for the community, Resonator Gallery aims to transform people's perceptions of art and society. As a result, the community is encouraged to learn and grow.


A community-run workspace where people with similar interests in science, art, technology and engineering may meet, create, socialize and collaborate. Also referred to as a hacklab or hackspace, “Fab Lab”, and tech shop.

Tesla Mural

The Tesla mural is a mural on the outside west wall of Lincoln, Nebraska's Turbine Flats building. It illustrates events from the life of 20th-century inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. It was completed in July of 2013 and covers roughly 2,100 square feet.


Podcast Flat

Podcast Flat

An acoustically treated room that can be used to record clean audio (podcasts, voice overs, etc) or for simple livestreaming!

For more information and booking, please visit for more information.
Third Rail Podcast Flat



The Turbine Flats gym is a terrific location to spend time focusing on your fitness, with several cardio machines, free weights, a boxing bag and more. The gym is available by reservation to all gym members for only $5 a month!
The Community - Gym

Pet Policy

Pet Policy

Love your dog? We do, too! Which is why we allow responsible pet owners to bring their pets to work!

The Community - Pet Policy

Conference & Meeting Rooms

Conference & Meeting Rooms

We provide three different conference and meeting rooms that are available for reservation, each named after a prolific inventor - the Hopper (Grace Hopper), Lamarr (Hedy Lamarr), and Faraday (Michael Faraday). 

The Community - Meeting Room